This sauna with a closed gazebo will give you a separate place in your own yard or garden. You can use the sauna whole year round, and in the event of rain or harsh winds you will be able to close the sliding door systems and continuously enjoy a peaceful rest while admiring the surrounding nature. Assembly work is carried out by a professional construction team within one day.


Sizes: 3 x 6 m
Height: 3.35 m
Form: rectangular


3.0 x 4.0 m
3.0 x 5.0 m
3.0 x 6.0 m
4.0 x 4.0 m
4.0 x 5.0 m
4.0 x 6.0 m

Standart package

  • Roofing
    Bitumen tiles (black, red, green, brown).
  • Roof construction
    Roof boards 20×120 mm,
    Rafters 45×70 mm.
    Support beams from adhesive-bonded wood 70×120 mm.
    Impregnated roofing, covered with light brown Remmers Polisander primer.
    Diffuser film cover under roof tiles.
    Metal trim around the bottom edge of the roof tiles.
  • Columns made from adhesive-bonded wood 120×120 mm.
  • External walls.
    Frame 50×50 mm.
    Insulation 50mm. thick wool.
    Outer layer is covered with spruce wood paneling A grade 20×120 mm.
    General wall thickness 90 mm.
    Walls are impregnated and covered with light brown Remmers Polisander primer (Germany).
  • Sauna walls
    Frame 50×50 mm.
    Insulation 50 mm. thick wool.
    Thermal insulation film mounted on the inner side.
    Inner sauna’s walls covered in European alder wood paneling A grade.
    Indoor walls covered in colorless impregnator, Tikurila.(Finland)
    Outdoor walls covered in spruce wood paneling 20×120 mm. A grade.
    General wall thickness 90 mm.
  • Wood burning stove Termofor. Manifactured in Russia, meets all fire hazard prevention
    Stainless steel chimney with a cap, meets all fire hazard prevention requirements.
    Stones for the heater by Harvia (Finland).
    Heat resistant stones (around the heater).
    Security fencing around the heater made from European alder wood, A grade.
    Tinted glass sauna’s doors 8mm thick.
    Upper and lower benches in the sauna made from European alder wood A grade.
    Supportive walls inside of the sauna made from European alder wood A grade.
    Ventilation mounted in sauna and in the dressing-room, vents made from European alder wood.
    A window mounted in the wall in front of the sauna’s doors.
  • Flooring
    Grooved floorboards ~28 mm.
    Insulated with polystyrene. 50mm.
    Double frame under the flooring 45×70 mm. 45×70 mm.
    Sauna’s flooring covered in slip-resistant PVC coating, with water gutter lead.


Sauna is equipped with all the necessary equipment and impregnation.

To make our sauna even more comfortable and convenient for you, you can choose the right accessories for your improvement of your sauna.
Before buying the sauna, please review all the accessories provided and adopt which would be useful for you!


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